About us

CAE-Services LLC would like to offer a full complex of engineering analysis services (ISO certificate) for enterprises, science and research institutions and universities within a broad scope of industries. We supply the software packages that are absolutely essential for any professional engineer; arrange and hold trainings and scientific conferences, provide technical consulting, perform engineering analysis by customer’s order using the suggested software.

We possess perennial practical experience of solving engineering problems and would like to offer you engineering analysis services both for inventing new and enhancing characteristics of being manufactured\operating impeller machines like pumps, compressors, mixers, fans, blowers, etc. and related devices. 

CAE-Services has a staff of expert engineers, high-efficient clusters and advanced software. Our staff is comprised of highly skilled engineers: many possess PhD degrees and have long term experience gained in scientific research and design institutes. 

Modern software and high performance hardware used in conjunction with specialists’ qualification allows us to carry accurate and reliable computations. That was frequently noted by our customers when comparing simulation and experimental results. 

All our engineers have high degrees and long working experience in respective science&research and constructive design institutions. 

Using advanced software and high-efficient clusters / computers combined with highly-qualified engineers employed enable us to execute simulation with high level of certainty and accuracy compared with experimental data, which has been confirmed by our customers. So you can rely on our professional team to solve the problems of strength and durability, electromagnetism, hydraulic gas dynamics, metal pressure processing, etc. 

Therefore, we can offer effective engineering consulting and training services, which are problem-oriented and complemented by our long-working experience. 

Over 90% of our staff are presented by science and technical developers, which assures high performance, short time and least overhead charges.

CAE-Services LLC executes simulations by your order using the suggested software and participates in developing of new program products.

Apart from above points, we can also provide our assistance in performing independent constructional and technology audit of existing technical and technology solution, or new solutions suggested to your company.

Unlike semi-empiric methods and formulas widely spread in industry, computer simulation allows to solve the most complicated problems and vividly see and analyse physical and chemical processes in 3D. 

Numerical simulations allow for substantial reduction of terms \ design, launching costs of manufacturing process, optimize them and reduce required number of experiments (physical testing). If you are interested in placing an order with our company, please see out contacts. 

Looking forward to cooperate with you!


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